Loud Noise Effects

Don't you get irritated by the loud horns in traffic or screeching sounds when you are in crowd. Yes yes, those sounds are very irritating but do you know that they impact your health as well. It is now a well known fact that loud sounds be it music, loud noises or any kind of loud sound is harmful for your health.


1.   Prolonged exposure to loud sounds at over 80 decibels can cause hearing loss.

2.   It can damage nerve endings that transmit information from ear to your brain.

3.   Staying in noisy environment for longer times can affect your mood negatively.

4.   Loud music or noise disrupt your focus and concentration. One is not able to focus properly.

5.   Loud noise affects your immunity. The stress hormone released in the body due to loud environment, it weakens the immunity.

6.   There is difficulty in sleep and sleep disorders that can happen due to staying in noisy environments.

7.   Pregnant females are at risk of miscarriages and birth defects when they stay in noisy environments.

8.   There is no evidence yet but some studies show that male fertility is also reduced due to loud sounds.


Try to stay away from noisy places as much as possible. If that is not possible, try develpo the habit of doing meditation and yoga as it will relax your mind and make it calm leading to improved thought process and concentration.

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