Water Quality and its Effects on Health

We have seen so many TV commercials about important of drinking good quality water as our body is already 70 percent of it.

Talking about India, not every individual has access to clean drinking water so they consume poor quality water which leads to so many water borne diseases like dysentery etc.

And this diminishing quality of water is somehow the result of our misdeeds. Human generated waste is the major source of water pollution including:

1. Corroded water pipes that has harmful chemicals, such as lead.

2. Fertilizers and pesticides used in the fields by the farmers.

3. Sewage waste and waste from food processing units

4. Hazardous waste and discharges from industries

5. Hazardous chemicals like arsenic that occur naturally.


Using water contaminated with harmful chemicals can lead to cancer of skin, kidney, liver, lung etc. It can also damage our immune system and reproductive system. This can also lead to development of neurological conditions like behavioural changes, Parkinson's disease, and neurodevelopmantal  disorders. Last but not the least it can damage our kidneys.


1. Follow the principle of 3 R's that is reduce, reuse and recycle of waste products.

2. Dispose off the chemical waste from the house or industrial setups properly and not in any water body.

3. Keep pollution check of your vehicle under control to avoid unnecessary leakage of harmful gases and chemicals in the environment.

4. Avoid using pesticides

5. Make sustainable choices regarding food and drinks.


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