“Lower back pain can happen when someone overdo a workout by lifting too much weight, but their core and lower back are not strong enough for that stress.”

It is quite common to have lower back tightness and pain with heavy weight lifting. It is normal to feel some tightness or soreness after working out and it subsides within a few days. It can be serious too and can worsen your tight lower back. It can affect your daily activities like, reaching down to pick up something from the floor.

Low back pain can occur due to various reasons like, if you are doing a workout that you normally don’t do or if you are not in a good shape. Also, after over-strenuous workout you will fell tightness in your lower back that may be accompanied by pain, spasm and cramping. This pain can be constant, dull and you may feel your back stiff, tense and contracted.

What you can do and how to deal it?

·        First and foremost, talk to your personal trainer and they will stress the importance of varying the specific muscles you train throughout the week.

·        Start at comfortable lifting weight to avoid back pain due to heavy weight lifting.

·        Build your way up by focusing on abdominals, your biceps, quads and every other muscle groups. This is because, if your middle body is strong; your back will reap the benefits.

·        For mild back pain, you can try home remedies such as, ice, massage, heat to help you through this time.

At last, this is not for all, if you think you may have torn ligament or problem in bone or other injury- get yourself assessed. Pay close attention to the sensation you experience in your back, it may be a matter of concern. If you are having pain, don’t push it.

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