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What is health? We see health as a disease free person having good physique. But in reality it is way beyond just that. Health is a state of mind and body where one feels mentally, emotionally and physically fit. One should not limit health only to its physical aspect.

Nowadays having such advances in the field of medicine, it has become very easy to stay physically healthy. But where we lack is forgetting about the mind which is equally important.

Since we've talked so much about mental health, the question that pops up is that what is the way to achieve it? So here are some ways:

1. Meditation: It gives you a sense of peace and happiness. Meditation improves the mood and helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

2. Yoga: Certain yoga poses like balasana, uttanasana, shavasana etc. helps you in relaxing and feeling calm. It reduces the strain on muscles and promotes relaxation.

3. Walk: Brisk walking at evening or early morning can have great impact on your body and mind. It opens the mind and improves thinking. Fresh air inhaled early morning promotes lung health.

4. Music: Listening to soothing music improves your mood and gives you a good sleep thereby relaxing your body and mind.

5. Having a pet: Last but not the least is having a pet, be it a cat or dog or any other animal. Having a pet definitely lights up your mood and calms you down after a stressful day.

So these are some of the ways that we suggest, there can be many. Each individual has its own different means of achieving mental peace and calmness. All means are acceptable till we give equal importance to our mental as well as physical health.


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